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Glee Cleaning Services

Glee Cleaning Services brings you fifteen years of experience in cleaning services. Based in Nairobi, our staffs are committed to the highest level of excellence in cleaning of commercial buildings, shopping centers and malls, office premises, factories, schools and colleges as well as residential premises. Our commitment to quality extends to every facet of the services offered. We use materials and equipment, which meet our high standards in our cleaning services.


Glee Cleaning Services


Comprehensive service with a personal touch is our pledge to you. We are readily available to assist you from the initial planning stages of how to take good care of your property, until all aspects of the same are smooth running. The following are just a few of the many services we provide to ensure your satisfaction.

Glee Cleaning Services provides protection to our immediate environment where we live, work, play, study etc. Burning of garbage is one of the main sources of Carbon Dioxide emission. Carbon Dioxide is the main man-made greenhouse gas and has a lifetime of a century or more in the atmosphere, and thus affecting the climate substantially.

Glee Cleaning Services is committed to the conservation of environment, and our services employ the most environmental safe methods. It is our hope that the services we offer may engender a deeper appreciation and understanding of the delicate balance of nature.



Our cleaning services package comes together with a quality control of services rendered Questionnaire. This enables us to get a feedback from our clients on the quality of our cleaning services.